Chloe Bakes 1 year bake sale

Well..... what a day and a year! This day one year ago I started my little business just with a simple lemon drizzle loaf we are doing 100's of cupcakes a week, birthday cakes and even wedding cakes!!

I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and my dream of having a cake business! On Sunday 16th May, we held a little bake sale to celebrate Chloe Bakes 1 year anniversary and raise money for Ashburton Swimming Pool . All I can say is WOW what an amazing day, we were no stop since we opened at 11 and sold out by half 2.

I cannot thank you all enough for coming along and standing in all the weather Devon has to offer

I could not believe how many of you turned up and still can't believe it now. Not in a million years would I've of thought I would have this many customers supporting my business. (I had a few breakout downs of happy tears throughout the day)

Just one more time a HUGE thank you to everyone who came today and who has supported me this last year.

Stay tuned to see how much we raised for Ashburton Swimming Pool.

Love Chloe & Mandy