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The epitomy of cake design, Chloe is a luxury cake maker that specialises in beautifully designed cakes.


Cakes are not just for indulging, they're for creating long lasting memories. From Birthdays to Baby Showers, Engagement to any special celebration, we have got you covered. We aim to make your event something to remember.


We specialise in creating show stopping cakes that reflect your personality & style. However, its not all about looks! Our cakes are made from only the finest ingredients to ensure they taste just as good as they look!

Fill out an enquire form to order your dream cake


Fill in the enquiry form below, this form includes all the information we will need in order to create you a quote.
All cakes are priced individually depending on their size and design.


We will come back to you in regards to your enquiry and booking availablity. We may also ask for some more information regarding your cake design.


Once you have confirmed your order an invoice will be sent over to you to secure your booking where you will need to pay a £20.00 deposit. The remaining balance will be need to be paid a week before collection. You will then be sent all your collection information from here. 


Our bespoke buttercream cakes are freshly made to order. At least 2 weeks' notice needed, but can occasionally squeezes last minute orders in. 

All our cake are 4 layers of thick sponge and stand approximately 8 inch tall. 

One tier cake 

5-inch cake (Roughly 12/15 slices) - Starting fr
om £70.00 

6-inch cake (Roughly 15/25 slices) - Starting from £80.00

8-inch cake (Roughly 30/40 slices) - Starting from £90.00

Two tier cakes 

5-inch & 7-inch (Roughly 40/50 slices) - Starting from £165.0

8-inch & 6-inch (Roughly 50/60 slices) - Starting from £210.00 

Please note the above prices are a starting price a final quote will be given upon enquiring.

Please feel free to send any photos over FOR inspiration and wi
th some detail of what you are looking for. 

Take a look at our Facebook and Instagram to see our most recent creations.

Please be aware - all our cakes and bakes are made in a kitchen that handles - Nuts, Dairy, Eggs & Gluten. Therefore, we do not cater for anyone with allergies. 

We unfortunately don't offer Vegan, Gluten free or fondant work. 




- Classic Victoria -
Vanilla sponge filled with silky smooth vanilla
buttercream with your choice of strawberry or
raspberry jam. 

- Lemon Zing - 
A zest lemon sponge drizzled with lemon syrup.
Filled with lemon curd and silky lemon buttercream.

- White Chocolate and Raspberry -
Our moist vanilla sponge stacked between layers of white chocolate buttercream, Raspberry Jam and fresh raspberries.

- White Chocolate and Strawberry -
Our vanilla sponge filled with silky white chocolate buttercream, strawberry jam and fresh diced strawberries.

- Chocolate Fudge -
A decadent chocolate sponge. Filled with our homemade chocolate fudge sauce and silky chocolate buttercream.

- Red Velvet -
Our super moist red velvet sponge filled with our silky smooth vanilla buttercream,

Bespoke Birthday cake Chloe Bakes.jpg
superhero cake chloe bakes.jpg
jungle cake chloe bakes.jpg


- Salted Caramel -
Our chocolate or vanilla sponge filled with our
homemade salted caramel sauce
with salted caramel buttercream and fudge pieces.

- Cookies & Cream -  
Our chocolate or vanilla sponge filled with cookies and cream buttercream, sauce and crumbled cookie pieces.

- Biscoff -
A chocolate or vanilla sponge filled with silky smooth Biscoff buttercream with layers of Biscoff sauce and Biscoff biscuits.

- Red Velvet & Oreo -
Our super moist red velvet sponge filled with cookies and cream buttercream, Cookies & cream sauce and crumbled cookies. 

- Red Velvet & White chocolate -
Our red velvet sponge layered between our silky-smooth white chocolate buttercream. 


See some of Chloe Bakes creations below..

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